Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spoiling My Monkeys...

When the first thing my kids say as I walk through the door is "Didja bring
me anything?" and not "Welcome home, dearest mother," it should probably
tell me something... I've been spoiling the kids lately.

But when Mama saw this big, pink, fold-up Barbie house at Goodwill for
only $5, well.... I couldn't resist. (That brings the total number of 1/6 scale
dollhouses to 4, if anyone is counting.)

I also picked up this little guy today too. I think it was once a candle holder,
but it will make a nice tray table for Barbie.

A little scrapbook paper to line it and some glue, and voila, brand new tray
table. Barbie seems to like it.

This little play set was 50 cents and came with Iron Man and Dr. Doom. 

I also picked up this little gem for 50 cents. This is a 1/12 scale baby buggy.
I have a couple of these (in different styles) already for my little dollhouse.
I'm thinking maybe I can jazz this up a bit and maybe have a giveaway...

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