Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crafting Up a Little Fun -- Cardboard Clown Game

I started this project over the weekend, but am pleased to have it completed tonight. One more thing to check off my list! I'll let the pictures do the talking ;)

Beans, beans they're good for your heart, the more you eat the more you...
Wait, don't eat those, I NEED them!

Hmmm.... I could use this project board, too. 

This was essentially a $2 project. I bought the beans
and the project board at Dollar Tree. This was actually
inspired by something I made as a kid with an old science
fair board. I recycled "Are Cats Left Pawed or Right?" and
turned it into a beanbag toss game. Here's how I did it
this time:

I gathered some bright fabric to make my bean bags with. Primaries are
good for circus, and I had a red with stars on it, green, and yellow. Three
bean bags should do.

I cut rectangles, folded them into squares, and sewed them so that only
one side was open.

Repeat for each color.

Turn them right-side-out.

I top stitched these on 3 sides, mostly for looks, but it also makes it a
little stronger. If you're gonna be tossing these babies, you don't want the
beans to leak out!

Speaking of beans... I filled it up about 3/4 of the way so I would have
room to sew it shut.

I used pins here to hold it closed. I'm usually too impatient for pins, but
in this case I think they are warranted.

I ran a double line over the open end. This isn't the prettiest beanbag I've
ever seen, but I think it'll do. 

Ta-da! 3 beanbags. The project is officially halfway done. Now what? Well,
this is where the project board comes in... we'll need a target to throw these

I decided to make this a clown-face target. I had a circle of cardboard from
an earlier project (remember the table rounds?), and I glued it to the top
of the board for the top of my clown's head. I used Elmer's glue and let it
dry for a while, but if you actually have time to work on this beginning to
end without stopping to change diapers, you might want to use hot glue.

I sketched in my clown face with a marker. If you are some kind of
perfectionist, you may want to use a pencil.

I colored in some of the parts just as a guide. I cut out the areas around the
hair, making sure that the base of the middle and both side sections still
will touch the table. The X's indicate areas that need to be cut out.

All the cutting is done! The holes are the target for the
beanbags. You can toss 'em right through.

I painted over my marker lines with red acrylic paint. I think I used cadmium
red, but any ol' red will do. When doing the hair, I used a smaller brush to
paint the edges and switched to a larger one to finish it up. Faster that way.

To add some texture, I cut out circles of red felt and glued them to the hair.
This is sort of an abstract way to indicate the hair is curly... or that whoever
did his dye job needs some more practice. Whatev's. Also, I spray-painted
his forehead with white paint and added a little felt tuft of hair. I considered
making a hat, but this was simpler.

I quickly sewed a clown collar. This part could have looked better if I had
taken a little more time, but well... time is a precious commodity. 

And here's the finished piece. 

Whaddaya think? Not bad for $2 and some fabric scraps,
if I do say so myself. I think the kids will have fun with
this, and it will definitely add to the circus atmosphere
at the party. I'd like to have a couple more games, but
I can check this one off the ol' To-Do list. I'll let you
know how they like it :)

Feel free to steal this project for your own. I would be flattered if you decided to throw a circus party too and used some if my ideas. If you do, post pics to my Facebook page!!!

Thanks for visiting :)


  1. This is wonderful! Your clown is so cute! We're actually doing a circus (Gypsy, Steampunk Circus) theme at an event at the end of this month. Would be a fun project. I'll keep it in mind! Thanks!


    1. Bean Bags
      Your blog post is neat and clean.But,I like your photos.

  2. Thanks, everyone. Mieljolie, a Gypsy Steampunk circus sounds so cool. Feel free to post pics on my Facebook page and share with the group :)