Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dollar Dollhouse Nursery, 1/12 Scale

Baby is sad. What an ugly nursery! Ugly brown walls, uneven surfaces,
and a bare floor. Call in the design team!

Although I prefer not to use plastic furniture, when I can get it for a dollar,
I don't complain. I got this bed a long time ago at Dollar Tree. The plastic
pink baby carriage is a baby shower favor, also from Dollar Tree. I thought
this nice bright blue scrapbook paper would look nice on the walls. This
vinyl-backed white fabric (probably a curtain in a past life) will make a
nice soft place for baby to play. (Note: the designer of this baby room
obviously has never had kids, or she would have NEVER put in white carpet.)

A baby's room should be colorful. A nice polka-dot ribbon makes an
excellent wallpaper border.

Here is the room with accessories. All the beautiful wooden toys came from
a Melissa and Doug toy set my sister bought me a few years ago. I had kept
it in the package until I set up this dollhouse because I didn't want to lose
all the cool pieces. The yellow chair (and green chameleon) are from a
Rapunzel play set, as is Rapunzel (although you might not have recognized
her after the haircut I gave her.)

Any suggestions for decorating the walls? I'm thinking of making faux windows and hanging curtains in this dollhouse. Or possibly cutting out real windows to let some light in. Either way, it might be nice to have some fun curtains and maybe make some blankets to go in the baby bed to match. I may try to find/make a changing table and little dresser, too, although personally I've always thought changing tables were overrated. 

I'm more worried about where I can find some 1/12 scale Huggies and wipes... don't want baby to get a rash.

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