Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dollhouse Delights: Fun Finds at the Nitro Antique Mall

One of my favorite dollhouse finds of all time is the little teapot I like to use as a bathroom sink in my 1/12 scale dollhouse. I happened to find it one day when I was at an antique shop with my mom, and just had to have it. At $6, the teapot was comparable to the price of an actual dollhouse sink, but I think it has so much more character. So today when my job took me to an antique shop in Nitro, WV, I couldn't help myself: I had to look for more super awesome dollhouse pieces.

This is the piece that inspired today's search. Still one of my all-time favorite
dollhouse pieces.

This is actually a little sewing box for needles, bobbins, and pins. I think
it would make a great Barbie doll dresser.

This little ceramic chair needs some legs, but it would be great in a tiny
living room.

This pin-cushion is the right size for a coal-bucket or kindling at a tiny
fire place. More suitable for Barbie than Joe, methinks.

I love this tiny little iron stove. It comes with a bucket, a pot, and two
skillets. This one is too large for 1/12 scale dollhouses, but it might work
for Joe's rustic hunting cabin. I really loved this piece, and it's probably
worth the $30 price tag (but I'm cheap).

These jewelry pieces are "petit point" (tiny needlepoint) and perfect
for hanging on the parlor wall or in a frilly bathroom.

This little tin bench would be perfect for Barbie's rose garden. This isn't
a great picture, but I got a little excited when I found this.

Nestled among some ceramic knick-knacks, I found another pincushion/
mini chair that could be converted for dollhouse use.

Another coal bucket! The Joes could use this in their cabin in the woods,
beside the iron stove.

Or maybe their house isn't so rustic... maybe the Joes live in the city, and this
mailbox is right outside their house... It's just the right size. Maybe one of
Barbie's 10,000 jobs is postal worker? Wouldn't surprise me.

Can you guess what this is? (Besides the obvious, of course) It's a salt
and pepper shaker--sized to work in a 1/12 scale dollhouse.

What's that up on the shelf? A wooden chair that would fit the Barbies and
Joes--this would look great on a front porch, or in the living room.

You can't see it very well, but locked in this glass case is a coffee grinder
and a scale.

Most of these items were marked for $8 or less, which is not bad compared to the price of ready-made dollhouse furniture. Still not as good as the $1 stuff I've found at Dollar Tree, but there's a lot more variety here that can ad all kinds of character and charm to your dollhouse.

So, if you've made it this far in the post, you deserve a reward. But there's a catch: you have to guess which item I bought today. Let's make it more interesting--the first person who guesses correctly wins a prize! 

Leave your guess in the comments below :)


  1. I hope you bought the little ceramic chair, some beads would make perfect legs for it. I love the red color. I think found and re-purposed things make dollhouses more fun. Using your imagination and encouraging it in the next generation is what it is all about.

    1. Good guess, but not the item I chose. :) Feel free to guess again!

  2. I'm going w/ the bench for the rose garden. Great finds! I'm impressed at your will power to not buy them all.

    1. I loved the bench, and got super-excited when I found it, but alas, I did not purchase it. Guess again!

  3. The dresser! Too cute AND functional!! Coincidentally, I used to have a little stove like that for my doll house that my grandma found.

    1. My mom has a tiny iron stove too. I may have to steal it from her someday :) I definitely wanted the dresser, but I exercised some self-control and stuck to buying something I needed for MY dollhouse ;)

  4. The mailbox?! I'm a dork and that's what I would have picked. I mean really?! when will you see another one?

    1. I imagined a whole neighborhood with sidewalks and plants and dogs when I saw that mailbox. And GI Joe in a little postal uniform. I totally could have gone overboard with it. It was super cute, and I wish I had been able to pick up a few more things, but it's not what I bought either.

  5. The coal bucket for the Joes. What else would they carry coal in? It's a must ;)