Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Not the Only One Who's Getting Crafty

I had never really been a blog reader until I started writing this blog, but now I totally get it. I felt a sense of community within the blogosphere when I began to connect with people who have similar interests to mine. I feel like I can be my dorky self, play with glue and cardboard and dolls, make my costumes, and throw my little parties, and there are people that will cheer me on. It's really kind of cool.

One of the people I have met through blogging (and by met I mean we read each other's blogs and are now Facebook friends) is Mieljolie of All Things Crafty. Mieljolie (her nom de plume) makes some really neat stuff, including decorative witches' BOO'ts, house elves, costume pieces, and awesome Steampunk accessories. One of the cool things she's posted about recently are the really neat-looking medals she made for her Steampunk costume. I don't know if it's my marching band background or my fascination with Steampunk/vintage military attire, but I absolutely love the medals she has made.

An assortment of Mieljolie's handmade costume medals. These will look
awesome on her steampunk outfit!

When I saw these, I had the immediate urge to dig through my own box of broken jewelry to see if I had anything suitable for medal-making, and I think I found the perfect thing:

My birthday is January 21, but I've always been an Aquarius. I'll excuse whoever
made this pendant for getting the dates wrong.

My grandmother gave me this Aquarius pendant along with some other costume jewelry and broken pieces because she knows me. (I think I get the whole uncontrollable urge to sew random bits of fabric together and see what happens thing from her. I'm sure it's genetic.) At any rate, when I saw this, I knew it would make the perfect medal. I also knew there was no way I would be able to make my medals look as perfect as Mieljolie's. So, what's a girl to do? I believe the adage is, "Ask and ye shall receive."

I "received" this package in the mail today. She made several different ribbons
for my medal, and when I was too indecisive to choose, she sent me two!
How awesome is that!

The picture is a little blurry... I think I may need to break down and go buy
some light bulbs, the lack of proper lighting in my house is starting to
adversely affect my blogging capabilities... 

Option 1. I like this one because the diamonds on the ribbon match the
diamonds on the pendant. Also, the red ribbon in the middle is edged in
gold. It's pretty perfect, really.

Option 2. I like this one because the gold ribbon perfectly matches the pendant.
And I learned something new: Aquarius' color is turquoise. January's birth
stone is garnet, which is a dark red. This ribbon has both of those colors.
And how did Mieljolie know that, you ask... Not only is she an Aquarius too,
but we have the same birthday! How cool is that?

So, since I am so indecisive, which ribbon do you think works best with my pendant? Voting opens now :)

A big thank you to Mieljolie for the beautiful ribbons! These babies aren't just pretty, they are really well-made. Wanna know how? Read Mieljolie's blog, she posted a tutorial


  1. Ahh..very kind words. Thanks. So glad the golds match. But, they do both look really good with it. Hmmm...can't decide. Maybe swap them every once in awhile when you get bored of one. :D


  2. hi i needed a brooch of the kind mentioned above