Thursday, June 21, 2012

Better Luck Next Time

I'm sorry to say that none of you guessed what I took home from the Nitro Antique Mall. I gave you plenty of time, and even allowed multiple guesses. Oh, well... maybe you'll try harder next time ;)

I guess I'll just have to keep the giveaway prize:

More treasure for me!

So here's the big reveal--this is what I came home with:

Will someone please pass the salt?

I won't say that this was my FAVORITE thing that I saw at the antique shop that day, but it was something I needed for my 1/12 scale dollhouse: a stove for the kitchen. AND it wasn't very expensive (a big selling point for me, lol). I think the rocking chair will look good in the bedroom (see previous link).

The dollhouse kitchen still needs work, and who knows when I'll have the time, but I promise to post pics when I get an opportunity. I haven't decided on the color yet, although I am leaning toward black/white checked tiles. Suggestions/feedback are always welcome.

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  1. I was recently in a minerature store, doll houses and such in Cocoa Beach Florida. Unforntuantely the older gentleman that owns it doesn't have a website. He does have an email. email me ifyou want it. :)