Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dollhouse Nursery, 1/6 Scale, or How Barbie Left the Rental Life and Became a Homeowner

My son and his friends had been misusing the cardboard dollhouses we had built together (for some reason they thought they were meant to build forts out of... I have other cardboard boxes for that.), so I thought it might be a good idea to remind my son of how much fun these are and why he should take good care of them. What better way to do that than spend the morning playing with them and working on them? The kids and I had a great time playing and decorating, and we'll probably go back for more after lunch!

Remember THIS dollhouse? This poor neglected thing has been sitting
with white walls and white floors since we first put it together back in July
(JULY!!?) of last year. With all the white walls, you'd think it was a
rental! My niece has been by a few times since then, but never
for long enough to really work on this again. So my kids and I decided
to do something about it.

Room 1: The Nursery

Ta-da! Pink, flowery, pretty, girly nursery. Because this room has such
a low ceiling, it has always been designated as the nursery. Now it actually
looks like one.

The wall and floor covering were made almost completely from gift wrapping.
The floor and the pink walls are tissue paper glued down with white school
glue. The floral/butterfly and striped paper all came from a gift bag.

This butterfly trim also came from the gift bag.

The window pictures were the cardboard backing in a package of toy horses
the girls got for their birthday.

You may recall the bed--it's a ceramic music box. The over-sized stuffed
sheep is one of my kids' undersized stuffed animals.

Kelly really seems to like her new room.

Room 2: The Teenager's Room

This is the second room we worked on today. This room has the same windows
and also has tissue-paper flooring, but the wallpaper is homemade from
construction paper and markers.

This is the original bed and side table that I made for my niece. My son
has broken all the legs off the bed, but the bed skirt hides the books it's
sitting on just fine.

The gold tray was 30 cents at a hobby store. The little tea cup and plate
are part of a set that was probably $5, but might have been less. I can't
remember. My cousin crocheted the blanket you can see peeping out
between the bed rails.

The laundry basket was given to me as part of a Mother's Day present
from my friend. You may recall the gray shirt that's hanging out of it... I
wonder why the Joes have left their clothes in the teenager's room? Should
we alert her parents?

This 25 cent doily from Goodwill is a great throw rug.

One of my favorite things about these low-cost dollhouses is that they
are so easy to re-make. If my niece doesn't like it, we can paint or paper
over the walls and floor and re-arrange the furniture from room to room
or house to house.

Barbie's house looks a lot more lived-in now. It always makes me happy to eradicate white walls (probably a response to renting for about 8 years and staring at those horrible chalk-white walls that landlords are so fond of), and I think Barbie and her kids will be pleased as well.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

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