Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parts in Bottles

It's taken a few days, but I think the brain in a jar and other body parts are nearing their terminal size. I've also added a few more jars to the collection (thank you, Goodwill!).

Perhaps it's not a human brain... And the hand and foot are from a very
small person.

What else should I fill my mad scientist jars with? For other decor/props, I'm thinking computer parts, a microscope, perhaps some tubing (thanks, Mieljolie!), and maybe some glow sticks and strange lights. I have some orange twinkle lights and some black light bulbs in my Halloween stash. 

Every picture of a mad scientist lab I've seen looks like it's in a cave or a dark basement (thank you, Google image search). I have considered using a giant piece of cardboard to block out the window in the back living room--but there's also the extreme other route, which is making a bright, shiny, well-lit, white lab. After all, I do intend to have a project or two for the little scientists in attendance. 

1 comment:

  1. So, do you think it's better to leave it a tiny dehydrated brain, or is the enlarged one pretty cool? :)

    As for lighting, you could try a combination. Keep it dark and only light the areas you want bright, like the table. The hardware stores usually have those clamp lights that you could use as spot lights.

    I've been thinking those fish tank air pumps could add bubbles to your lab jars. You could probably find one 2nd hand at a thrift store.

    Can't wait to see your (pardon the pun) lab results! :D