Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Wee Wallet for my Little Man

A few weeks ago we decided that myb son (5 years old) is getting old enough to have regular chores--and an allowance. In return for feeding and watering the dog each day, keeping his room clean, and doing any other chore we can think of, my Little Man gets $5 a week. He's excited to have his own money and has used it for things like buying some toys at Dollar Tree (for himself AND the girls) and taking his sisters out for ice cream. I'm pretty proud of his generousity thus far. But we did come upon a snag. There have been times where he wanted to spend his money but he wasn't able to do so because he had left it at home in his wallet. Why didn't he carry his wallet with him? Because it was too big to fit in his pint-sized pockets. Today we decided to do something about it. We made him a kid-size wallet that will hold his money! It's not big enough for credit cards, but considering he doesn't have any of those, that's not really a problem. We're both pretty please with how it turned out, and he's proud he got to help. (He was in charge of handing me pins off the pin cushion.) After we finished, he immediately asked if he could change clothes because the shorts he was wearing didn't have pockets. His enthusiasm warms my heart.