Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flower Girl Dresses, Take Two

November of last year my best friend was married and my daughters made
their debut performance as flower girls. They put on quite the show, dumping
their petals in a big pile on the floor and dancing during the ceremony, but
it looks like they are going to get a chance to redeem themselves as flower
girls in a cousin's wedding coming up in a few weeks. And their beautiful
dresses will get a second chance to perform as well.

This is what the dresses originally looked like
(with black petals/belt--this image is from an eBay
auction of a similar dress). It was perfect for the
elegant black and white November wedding. A
little too serious, perhaps, for the yellow and
purple summer wedding coming up.

First thing I did was remove the black petals and sash and tossed these
dresses in the wash. They still had spots on them from the one and only
time they had been worn, but a little chlorox and borax did the trick. I purchased
some remnant fabric for $2.50 at JoAnn's to make the sashes and yellow and
purple flowers (about $5) from Dollar Tree for the skirt. I took the flowers
apart and dropped them in the skirt and ran the fabric through my sewing machine.
This is what I came up with.

I had a few flowers that were purple with yellow centers.
Those I hot-glued onto a large safety pin and made the
flowers pinned to the sashes. Voila! Winter dresses
remade for summer. The girls are so excited to wear them
in a few weeks, and I'm pretty proud of how they turned
out. Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Update: The girls did a great job at the wedding. No dumping of baskets, no singing and dancing during the service. They walked down the aisle, dropping flower petals as they went. My only critique? Perhaps they were being a bit TOO diligent at their duties: it took Claire several minutes to get to the end, perhaps making the bride even MORE nervous, but at least she left a perfect path of petals for the beautiful bride to follow.