Monday, September 3, 2012

And Now for a Little Something Girly...

My daughters are serious about their glitter glue...
One of my favorite things about shopping at the Dollar Tree is their craft supply section, which has been expanding more and more. I love being able to grab a few items (spending only a small amount of cash) and have a ready-made project for the kids to enjoy. My daughters, lately very interested in purses and other "girly" pursuits, had a blast making these little purple bags. Here's the breakdown: 

purple bags (3) $1
glitter glue (10) $1
jewels (20) $1
flowers (3) $1.50

Total cost for 3 girly purses? $4.50. Not bad, in my book, considering for that price we also got about an hour's worth of entertainment. The only downside? They can't really play with them for a few days... considering that they emptied the glitter glue onto their purses in large, globular puddles about 1/2 an inch deep. Oh, well... maybe it will be exciting all over again in a few days when they discover their sparkly purple purses, dry and ready to be played with.

Can you guess which one Mama made?

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