Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blankie for the Baby

When I found out my sister was having a baby, I was
soooo excited--so excited, in fact, that I immediately put
my nervous energy to use at the sewing machine.

I decided to make a baby quilt. This was my first attempt at making a quilt,
so it was by no means perfect, but I was pretty proud of the result.

I used lots of different patterns. The small blue squares have pictures of girls
and boys holding balloons and ABC's. I used the black and white fabric because
babies are supposed to be able to see black and white patterns clearly first.
The pirate boarder was for daddy, the more "sophisticated" patterns were for

For all the thought I put into it, however, there was one
problem... there is a lot of PINK in this blanket, and the
ultrasound came back BLUE. That's right, I'm having a

Take two: boy's blankie. For this blanket, I actually went
to the fabric store and bought fabric specifically for this
project. (All fabric from the previous blanket came from
my stash -- the only thing I had purchased for blanket 1
was some embroidery floss to pull through and knot -- my
solution to the "quilting" problem.)

The pattern of fabric blocks is a lot simpler on this one, but I did actually
machine quilt it instead of just knotting it. I used all flannel fabric (bought on
clearance!) and a satiny green fabric (recycled) for the border. The bug?
$1 at the dollar store. Attached to the blanket for chewing purposes.

The backing fabric on this one is BLUE with stars. I made a little "leaf" in the
corner for baby to chew on or in case mama wants to hang the blanket on a
hook or something. Whatevs.

I think the cuteness factor is somewhat amplified here...

So, maybe if one of my other sisters gets pregnant, I'll have a taker for
blankie number 1. ;)

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