Monday, September 3, 2012

First Step to Having an Adventure: Dress the Part

Indiana Jones meets Jane Goodall... That's how I'd describe this look. And
why are my children dressed as outdoorsmen/adventurers? We were preparing
for a camping trip, of course!
Grandma bought my son his explorer vest a while back, and his hat came
from his aunt in Texas, so he was pretty well outfitted already. The girls?
Well, let's just say I had a pair of khaki pants set aside to be repurposed,
and this project was perfect for them.
Both vests and the satchel were made from a single pair of pants and a few
scraps of brown fabric I had been gifted. We made sure both vests had pockets
(what kind of self-respecting adventurer would ever travel without a gratuitous
number of pockets?).
Claire's vest and bag were made from the legs (with a ready-made cargo-pocket
on the side of her bag) and Katie's was made from the top half, turned
upside down. I was able to sew the pockets in such a way that even though
they are now upside-down, they still work. The waist band is still a waist

I was so proud of these outfits, particularly because the kids were so enthusiastic about them. They wore their vests and bags all night long and all the next day on our camping trip. We slept in a tent, cooked dinner over a campfire, trekked through the woods, paddled a canoe, and played in a river, just like real explorers. My kids carried useful items like mosquito spray, a first-aid kit, binoculars, and a (dull) pocket knife in their bags and pockets. Each kid had a little notebook to draw pictures and take notes of all their discoveries (although these were mostly for show, considering that my three-year-olds can't really write or draw, and my six-year-old is just learning how to read and spell). 

Although the girls have since largely lost interest in their explorer vests (it's been a week), my son still wears his every day for at least part of the day. Makes Mama happy to see my kids really getting into the pretend play. I can't wait until our next adventure!

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  1. Sounds like it was a fun time. They look so cute. I want an explorer vest. :D