Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shipbuilding 101

A trip to the Dollar Tree this morning yielded something new: pirate toys! My kids LOVE pirates. My son was a pirate for his second birthday, and ever since the kids have enjoyed dressing up in costume pieces and sword fighting and pillaging (usually the candy jar). They have pirate Legos and other pirate toys, but none quite this scale. The pirate ships we have are a tad too small... and, what's a pirate without a ship? Nothing but a thief, and where's the romance in that? Well, there was nothing to do, but make a pirate ship. Out of what, you ask... Cardboard, of course!

This isn't exactly a tutorial, but here are several pictures of the ship-in-progress and the final product. I hope you enjoy!

When I went back to work about a year ago, my crafting time was reduced
to almost nothing. But, there is ONE perk to my job... access to all kinds
of cardboard boxes!

A few modifications, and the cardboard begins to take shape...

The kids eagerly watch, anxious for their new toy to be ready.

The deck was pretty easy to install. I used the flaps from the second box.
(Yes, that is my toe in the corner with blue sparkle polish. The bottled up creative
energy has to go SOMEWHERE during the week, and I fear it is coming out
in the form of wacky nails...)

These are some sturdy cardboard tubes I have collected. Perfect for the
mast! The crow's nest is a small, wide cardboard cylinder from the bottom
of a Pillsbury cinnamon roll can.

Cut away the sides, add ship's wheel...

Install mast, sales, rigging, and flags. (Yes, these are flags
from an invisible dog fence. They didn't work for the dog,
but at least I found SOME use for them.)

Sailing the high seas... or, high grass, rather.

Now, to add pirates...

Big brother's pirate is the lookout.

Arrr, Mateys!

Swab the deck!

Lads, where's that treasure map?

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  1. This is awesome! My mom was just saying they'd have to build my son a cardboard ship, because the toy one is too expensive. I sent her your page!