Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flower Girl Dresses, Take 3--No, wait... Princess Dresses, Take 2.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Big surprise, I know. I love the decorations, I love the food, I love the trick-or-treating... but most of all, I love the costumes. Ever since my son was born, I have made my kids costumes for Halloween every year. (Okay, I admit... there was that one year when my son was a penguin and I bought his costume... off year, I guess).

This was his second Halloween costume... I set the bar
pretty high ;)

With three kids, it takes a little more time to put costumes together, so I asked each one at the beginning of September what they wanted to be. Well, in typical child fashion, the answer changed each time I asked them. First it was Phineas and Ferb, then it was He-Man, then they wanted to be skeletons and vampires... Each of these costumes are very different, so I couldn't really buy supplies until we had officially decided. So Mommy made an executive decision: the girls would be princesses and my son would be a knight. (Generic, I know... but for a working mama who is short on time, it will have to do.) All three have decided that they will also wield magic -- sorceress princesses and a war wizard -- but that's okay. Just a few accessories different and those costumes work.

My first effort at finding costume supplies was a trip to Goodwill. Usually I can find some good stuff there, but I kinda struck out. I found a couple big shirts and some pretty scarves and did my best to turn them into dresses--not an easy prospect when you have two little chatty gargoyles sitting at your elbow watching you sew. My girls ended up looking more like Gypsies than princesses.

Princess Dresses... or not. Big brother is in his "war wizard" costume in
the back. 

Soooo.... we tried again, this time using their flower girl dresses as the base. I figured since these dresses have served them well in two different weddings, it's okay for them to enter the realm of costumes. 

Ta-da! One sewing project, completed. (Check)

Lady Katie is in yellow and Fair Claire is in pink. We recycled the yellow sashes from wedding number two (same link as above--you really should check it out!) and added a piece of yellow fabric we bought on clearance at JoAnns. For the pink dress, the overskirt is made from a piece of sparkly pink fabric (also a clearance purchase) and the gauzy pink over her shoulders is from my fabric stash (thanks Grandma!).

These dancing princesses could go all night. 

It is ridiculously hard to get my little princesses to stand still for photos, so we tried some pictures while hugging... Not only did I get a few shots without motion blurs, it's kinda cute as well.

How sweet!

The back of Fair Claire's dress.

"You're my best friend!"

 The back of Lady Katie's dress.

Lovely ladies.

We picked up some sparkly fabric paint and jewels at the Dollar Tree which I'll probably use to fancy these up a tad more. After all, these are magic wielding princesses, not mere ladies in waiting. They need to look fancy and powerful.

"I know I'm pretty."

 They may be identical twins, but both girls prefer to have their own look. These dresses are different enough that no one will get my little princesses mixed up, but similar enough that neither one should get jealous of the other's dress.

"It's okay, you're pretty too..."

Good thing we have this brave knight... I mean, archaeologist, to protect us.

I may have to find some turtle necks or leotards for the girls to wear under their dresses. Sleeveless might not work all that well for October, and they are a bit young to be sacrificing comfort in the name of fashion. They also have star wands that will need further decoration. But we've got a decent start! And that war wizard masquerading as an archaeologist already has his magic staff, so I'm feeling pretty good about our costuming progress.

How is your costume coming? Post pictures on my Facebook page. I'd LOVE to see them!

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