Sunday, December 23, 2012

That's Not a Stamp, it's a Christmas Print, or Christmas Decorating, 1/12 Scale

One of the things that makes the Christmas Season such a fun and festive time is the decorating. Sometimes I drag my feet a bit when it comes to putting up lights and the tree and Christmasy knick-knacks, mostly because it means I need to get my house cleaned up first. And I am always the one who still hasn't taken the tree down by March. It can be just as much fun, however, to decorate you dollhouse for Christmas WITHOUT all the fuss. 

Although I had hoped for a White Christmas, looks like the icicles
and snow didn't arrive. Also the yard is full of crap and the house could
use a new paint job, but it's cozy and festive inside.
What's that peeking through the window? Why it's a Christmas tree with
lights and decorations.
Please wipe your feet on the doormat on your way in. We haven't lived here for long, so the walls are still mostly white, but we've begun to make it our own.

The first room you get to is the kitchen. We have a linoleum floor made of
self-adhesive shelf-liner, unpainted walls, and light wood appliances. What
color do you think they should paint the walls?

Please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink. The Mrs. has been cooking. She
hasn't spent much time decorating this room, but she did add a little Christmas
tree with a red bow on top of the fridge. Like me, she shops at the Dollar
Tree for small seasonal decor.

Here's a festive spray of tinsel in the milk jug. The Mrs. likes to keep seasonal
flowers here, but is considering adding a large candy cane to the arrangement.
 Why don't you come on into the living room and sit down for a few minutes? You look like you could use a cup of tea.

Here, have a seat and enjoy a cup of tea. It's cozy in here by the Christmas
tree. You like the wallpaper? It's vintage, homemade. The wainscoting,
however, is new, as is the window treatment and floral painting (which were
salvaged from a  greeting card).

Red battery-powered lights, pipe-cleaner tinsel, and resin ornaments
decorate the tree. These ornaments have been in the family for
about 20 years.

Looks like Santa has already been here! Brightly colored packages (from
Dollar Tree), toy soldiers, a wooden train, and a teddy bear. Do you like
the tea set? It has also been in the family for about 20 years. 
This is my favorite chair to just relax in front of the tree. It will be
the perfect place to watch the kids unwrap their presents. 

Since this is your first visit to the house, why don't we take you on the grand tour? It isn't much, but we like it. Let's go upstairs to the den.

This room is also in need of a coat of paint, but we do have new felt carpet! This
room has a door leading out to a balcony, but we don't spend much time there
because there's no railing. We've only got a desk in here now, but that's okay.

Even though we haven't lived here long, we have received a few Christmas cards!
(Made from holiday address labels on card stock.) We've hung up some festive
prints on the wall and put a small tree in this room.
The bedroom is right through this doorway. After you.

We've recently re-floored this room too (with blue note cards) but haven't
found just the right wallpaper for the walls. We like the blond wood and
a few touches of red and green add some pop to the room. When we saw these
life-size nutcrackers (at the Dollar Tree), we couldn't pass them up. 

A giant Christmas bulb (earring) and a red table runner (felt) decorate the

Our little suitcase (matchbox) has been well-traveled. This has also been
in the family for year, and who knows how long it was around before we
acquired it.

A snowman print and small holiday plant add a nice touch. Do you like my
seashell (button) tray? It's a great place for my jewelry.
You have to use the bathroom, you say? Where are my manners. Right this way. Watch your step, these stairs are steep.

Watch your head, the ceiling's rather low in here. We just pulled up the
carpet and laid down this marble (shelf liner) tile. Do you like the wallpaper?
We thought it gave the bathroom a primitive charm.

We had the red felt rugs custom made for this room. I see you are admiring
the trash receptacle (ceramic thimble). It matched the style of the sink, tub,
and toilet so well we just had to have it.

Thank you! We love the floral print hanging above the tub. (It was
a bead from a bracelet.)

Well, that's the grand tour. I hope you enjoyed your visit! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments or on the Facebook page :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

OOAK Take 2 - Purple Barbie Repaint

This was attempt number 1 at a doll repaint. This doll had kind of a grubby
purple face that was darker than the rest of her skin, so I brightened up her
face with some pink paint. This was not a perfect solution because it left
brush strokes. I wasn't really happy with this attempt, so I decided to paint
over it.

This was attempt 2. I decided to make her into a purple and pink alien so
that some texture in the paint would make sense :)  It's still not perfect,
but I think it's definitely better than attempt # 1. It bothers me that the eyebrows
are not quite symmetrical (but then again, it also bothers me that MY eyebrows
aren't symmetrical, so maybe that makes it more realistic.) 

So my plan is to eventually come up with some awesome one-of-a-kind dolls and put them on eBay. I have tons of fun making them, but don't really end up playing with them, so I figure that's a good way to deal with the clutter while at the same time sharing them (and gauging  people's interest). I thought about selling my cardboard dollhouses, but I can't imagine what would be involved in trying to ship them, so I haven't gone that route. A doll, however, is easier to package.

I'll post updates as I make progress. Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

OOAK - Take One.

I've been working on a few projects recently, but I haven't taken the time to take pictures or share. You may have guessed at the direction of some of these projects if you have been following my Facebook page (although the links I shared on my page are missing, so I guess I should just tell you...) I've been working on Barbie doll makeovers (also known as 'repaints' or OOAK [one of a kind] dolls).

This isn't actually a new thing for me. My sisters can tell you, I was known to give a Barbie doll a haircut or dye job from time to time in my youth. I loved sewing new clothes or finding accessories for them. So it's no surprise that when I saw dolls that looked like this on eBay, I had got inspired:

Isn't this doll gorgeous? Click HERE to see how to make
your own. HERE's another tutorial that I thought was
pretty good.

I have a few 50 cent Barbies that I picked up at my local Goodwill store to play with, including a purple fairy doll (sans wings) who had some hideous purple lipstick on her purple face. So I took some nail polish and washed it off, along with the rest of the paint on her face. After locating my tiniest paint brushes, I tried my hand at a "repaint."

She looks kind of like my 10-year-old niece did her make-up, but at least
her lips look better.

I brightened up her face with some pink paint, re-did her eyes and lips. My first attempt doesn't compare to a practiced hand, but I think it's promising enough to warrant further practice. I didn't really take my time and mix the correct paint colors, I just wanted to do a run-through to learn the process. I'll probably erase this with some nail polish remover in a few days and try again, hopefully with a little better outcome.

I think I did a little better than Cecilia JimĂ©nez, at least.

I also had a doll who had very little hair - and an idea to fix it. Remember Raggedy Ann? Well, this is Raggedy Barbie. I unraveled some red yarn, sewed it into shape, and glued it down to her head. I repainted her eyebrows to match and sewed a cap and dress for her. I'm not completely satisfied with the dress, but that's something that can always be fixed.

She looks like she got her dress at a prison sale or made
it while she was a member of a cult, but I'm pretty pleased
with the hair.

I spent a few hours with the hot glue gun today working on a craft project that was a little less fun. My sweet son is going to be a red candy cane in his school play this week. I have been procrastinating about making his costume, because I couldn't really come up with a good way to make it... so my husband says HE will make the costume. Well, it turns out that means he was going to put together a wire frame and turn the project back over to me to finish. It's not so easy to make a flat piece of poster board into a three-dimensional candy cane, even if you do have a coat-hanger frame to bend it around. And the final product does NOT look like hours worth of work, but I'm not going to redo it after all that work, so I've resigned myself to being satisfied with this one.

Maybe there is some charm to an obviously homemade costume?

I have another super cool project in the works, but I want to get a little further along with it before I post pictures. I'll give you some clues: this one is NOT made out of cardboard, although I typically prefer it as my building material. It's 1/12 scale and decorated for the holidays :) I'm sure you can guess.