Monday, December 3, 2012

OOAK Take 2 - Purple Barbie Repaint

This was attempt number 1 at a doll repaint. This doll had kind of a grubby
purple face that was darker than the rest of her skin, so I brightened up her
face with some pink paint. This was not a perfect solution because it left
brush strokes. I wasn't really happy with this attempt, so I decided to paint
over it.

This was attempt 2. I decided to make her into a purple and pink alien so
that some texture in the paint would make sense :)  It's still not perfect,
but I think it's definitely better than attempt # 1. It bothers me that the eyebrows
are not quite symmetrical (but then again, it also bothers me that MY eyebrows
aren't symmetrical, so maybe that makes it more realistic.) 

So my plan is to eventually come up with some awesome one-of-a-kind dolls and put them on eBay. I have tons of fun making them, but don't really end up playing with them, so I figure that's a good way to deal with the clutter while at the same time sharing them (and gauging  people's interest). I thought about selling my cardboard dollhouses, but I can't imagine what would be involved in trying to ship them, so I haven't gone that route. A doll, however, is easier to package.

I'll post updates as I make progress. Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. You have the best ideas.
    I have an idea for your doll houses though.
    What if you sectioned them so whoever buys them has to put them together. Like a puzzle. Make it project by number?
    It could work...
    You could make your own Star Trek Alien Girls/Stepford Barbies... sorry, I'm getting carried away ..I think I need to go to bed. lol.