Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trying Out a New Look

When I originally put the blog together, I used a template with a background that looked the closest to cardboard that I could find (after all, cardboard is kinda my thing), but it still looked flat and well, like a template. Recently I've been putting my blog-design skills to the test at work, putting together a blog for a publicity campaign for a book (Feel free to check it out HERE and send me a critique ;) and I figured out how to custom design the background. Well, after fixing up someone else's blog, I thought maybe I'd apply the same skills and spruce up my own little corner of cyber space. (You may have noticed the results.)

Voila! This is my new blog background, a product of several hours
worth of work, given the slowness of my computer and the many tweaks
I had to make to the original file to make sure it was the right size
both pixel-wise and KB-wise.

Once I fixed the background, though, I needed to update the banner image. The old image just didn't quite look right on the new background. 

Something about cardboard on cardboard... it all
kinda blends in.

So I tried a few things:

I like the color, but it just didn't seem to capture what I
do. And maybe I went a bit overboard with the stitching...

This was closer, but not quite right...

After a few so-so ideas, I decided to sleep on it--and I had an epiphany. Why not take a NEW photo of a current dollhouse specifically for the purpose of using it for my header image? (Instead of my usual MO of "make do with what I have".) After all, I got a new Cannon Elph camera AND a new phone with a better camera on it for Christmas. Coming up with a new, good picture should be easy-peasy. And it was!

I have all the Christmas decorations put away, and it's only 2 weeks
after Christmas! (Well, at least in my dollhouse. I still have all sorts
of Christmas paraphernalia around my real house.) 

A little tweaking with Photoscape (a free photo-editing program you can download HERE), and I had something I felt good about:

In case you didn't notice it above, this is the new blog header and
Facebook cover photo.

I've never been able to keep the same haircut for too long, and likewise with the look of my blog. As they say, variety is the spice of life. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love your cardboard look and your new header. I really enjoy your blog it's downright fun.
    I really pay attention to those kind of things since I started school, web design and Illustrating since it's my thing and I noticed your previous header and always wondered what I could do,not only yours of course but everyone's being more critical of my own..shoemakers kids ya know...anyway..but looking at yours now, I wouldn't do a thing. I like it!!!. If you ever need anything let me know, go to my FB business page Blueberry Web Designs. I doubt you will have a very creative mind. :)