Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Not Hoarding, I'm Gathering Materials

I found these nifty little bowls of rice at Save-A-Lot the other day, ready to
eat in two minutes. Great for a quick dinner with the kiddies. But also... a neat little
white bowl that I just couldn't throw away.

In fact, I've got a collection of items that I just couldn't throw away... starting with
the water faucet iPhone holder, the rice tub, a piece of foam, an empty Stridex container,
and a pizza box spacer. Do you see the possibilities too?

Barbie is dreaming of her bathroom renovation. Not quite a soaker tub, but it'll do the job.

I'm thinking storage ottoman... I can cut a circle out of the foam for padding and cover
the whole thing in fabric. Hot glue should hold the cushion on top and white glue or
Mod Podge will work on the sides.

And the bathtub... that's going to be easy. All I need is a room to put it in. And maybe something
to use as a sink and a toilet... some floor tiles, a shower curtain. Yeah, it looks like Barbie's
bathroom renovation will go the way of many a home renovation -- years in the dreaming
before the big payoff. Let's hope Barbie years are like dog years and we'll  have all the materials soon :)

Happy crafting!

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