Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dollhouse Bits and Pieces

I was in my sewing room fixing some broken dolls and princess crowns this morning and came upon a bag of treats I had picked up at the Dollar General a few weeks ago. It was like discovering buried treasure! I bought these things on a whim but haven't done anything with them yet. Along with some of the other treasure in my sewing room, I've gathered almost enough materials  to start on a new Barbie house - or a major renovation of one of the houses we already have. Check it out:

Hangers! These fancy-schmancy paperclips will really help
Barbie organize her closet.

These guys were 75% off after Christmas, so I picked up a couple.
These could be fancy frames for paintings, mirror frames, or even

Picture frame windows are made much like sun catcher windows.
Trace the shape of the inside of the frame, cut it out with a knife,
and glue in place. Hot glue won't hold, I recommend Elmer's glue
or epoxy.

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