Monday, May 13, 2013

Tink and Peri Cake Toppers

Tinkerbell and Periwinkle are sisters, born from the same
child's laugh. So of course my twins love them.
We threw together some fairy costumes for their birthday this year -- Tink and Peri themed, of course. Not Disney
perfect, but put together from what we had on hand, so $0 and good enough for my twinkies.
We couldn't find a Tinkerbell and Periwinkle cake topper -- Periwinkle
is new to the Disney fairies crew. I'm sure next year she'll be everywhere.
We decided to improvise. These Barbie fairy McDonald's toys from
the 25 cent bin at Goodwill. Only one of them had a pair of wings.
A little "hair gel" and a nice new haircut for Peri. We also glued
Tink's hair and tied it up in a bun. 
While the hair was drying, we made-over the fairies' outfits with
some acrylic paint.
And they got a new dye job.
Tink's signature yellow hair. Acrylic paint brushed on.
This was the first coat of paint.  Their hair was still a little ragged,
but I had a plan to fix that...
I traced the one set of wings we did have on some note cards. Tinkerbell
and Periwinkle have identical wings -- it's part of the magic of being sisters.
Sharpie swirls on one side, nail polish to add some shimmer.
The other side of the wings.
I glued the wings on with the hot glue gun and added a little glue
to Peri and Tink's hair to build it up a bit in places.
A wood skewer glued to the leg will allow them to fly above the cake.
Here's the finished product. Again, not Disney perfect, but close enough.
And they have matching wings.

I didn't get a picture of the cake. It wasn't too exciting -- I had to make an ice cream cake because the fairies were a little heavy and would not have stood up on a regular cake. How does one make an ice cream cake, you ask? Stack up ice cream sandwiches, layer with cool whip, and freeze. You can serve with toppings such as chocolate or caramel or cherry pie filling. I didn't have quite enough cool whip, so the cake was a little bare. Not my best work... but given my energy level of late, as good as it was going to get. Luckily, the girls are only 4 and not too picky about these little details. Hoping that I'll have more to put into the next party. Wish me luck! ;)

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  1. How clever and cool. Love the fairy punk hair. Too bad you could sell those.
    The kid fairy costumes are cute too. Using what you have is smart.