Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hidden Treasure -- Buried Beneath Some Treasure.

As our young archaeologists prepare for their adventure in Egypt (AKA my son's 7th Birthday Archaeologist Party), they will be disappointed to hear that they will not be excavating an ancient find, but a ship that was found in the desert from approximately 100 years ago. They will be a little less disappointed when they find this:

A fancy, jeweled box! You may recognize this as a wooden cigar box. I used some sandpaper
to remove the text on the box, leaving just a whisper of the gold filigree that surrounded
the insignia. I glued on some pearls and small beads along with a seahorse bead along the
existing lines, filling in the spaces with nail polish for an "enameled" look. Since Dr. Jones'
students are likely treasure hunters at heart, this is a pretty exciting find...

Especially after they open it and see inside! This treasure box is filled with approximately
$5 worth of plastic coins and jewels from Dollar Tree. I imagine it's worth millions.

I'm considering having an Indiana Jones-esque villain come and steal all the gold and jewels.
He will bring a loot bag and instruct the students to empty it into his bag.

But he won't have noticed this...

The box has a false bottom! This is where the real treasure will hide - a clue to finding the
Eye of Horus! I made the false bottom with a piece of non-corrugated cardboard, a bit of
ribbon, and a pin meant to replace a button in a pinch, cut the cardboard to size and pinned
all the pieces together. There is space to conceal a map to a forgotten tomb... And our young
archaeologists will find it!