Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Archaeologist Party Attaché Cases

For each birthday party I throw I like to put together some sort of gift bag for the kids. For the cowboy party we did "loot" bags, treasure map bags for the pirate party, for the circus party we used popcorn bags... you get the idea. For this party I wanted to give the kids some research materials on ancient Egypt and archaeologist tools like a notebook, magnifying glass, brush, etc. I decided that these items would all fit nicely in a "leather" case - kind of like Indiana Jones' messenger bag, but not so complex.

Materials: manila folders, masking tape, clear tape, brown paper,
scissors, craft Velcro, and hot glue (not pictured).

The brown paper I used came in a big wrapping-paper roll ($1 at
the Dollar Tree). I rolled out enough to fit the width of my folder plus
about 2 extra inches on each side. I positioned the folder a few inches
away from the nearest edge.

First fold: bottom. Fold about two inches of wrapping paper over the
bottom edge of the file folder and secure with masking tape. Make
sure you have your folder centered in the brown paper.

Second fold: Sides. Fold both sides of your paper over and secure
with masking tape.

Secure the bottom corners with clear tape.

Top fold: This section will serve as the flap on your attache case, so
make sure you leave several inches (about 4) of doubled over paper
above the top edge of the folder. Secure with masking tape.

Use clear tape to seal the sides of the "flap" together.

Fold the manila file folder along the crease. One side (the back/flap
side) should be about 4 inches longer than the other side (the front).
Use clear tape along the sides of the folder forming an "envelope."

I decided that the attache case needed a clasp. A quick rummage through
my crafting supplies revealed this yellow craft Velcro. This particular
type of Velcro has a very low profile, which means it's not super
sticky -- which is good because otherwise opening/closing the case
would tear the paper.

I cut the Velcro to size and secured to the case with hot glue. Be careful
not to burn yourself!

Ta-da! Simple, academic, elegant. Everything an archaeologist could
want. Hopefully...

Several of the finished cases. I got the tiny composition books 3/$1 at
guess where... that's right. Dollar Tree. I printed out some labels that read
"Field Notes - Giza, Egypt" and affixed them to all the notebooks before
putting them in the cases. I am still finishing up the archaeology notes that
will be included but they do have a key to decoding hieroglyphics inside.
Wish me luck on getting everything else finished! (I need it!)

I'm thinking about putting each kid's name on a bag, but I haven't gotten that far yet. 

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