Monday, August 12, 2013

Mama Made a Mummy

As you may have heard, I am planning an archaeologist birthday party for my kid who is turning 7 in about a week. At this particular event we will be simulating an Indiana Jones archaeological adventure in Giza, Egypt. One of the components of this adventure is an excavation of a forgotten tomb. I have procrastinated for way too long on some of the party props, including this project.

One reason I have become such a crafty cardboard lover is that I am also one who not only pinches pennies but tries to stretch them out until they become paper thin and turn green. That's right, I'm budget-minded (Read: cheap). So when the cheapest skeleton I could find to make my mummy out of was $30 at Oriental Trading (that's what I get for needing Halloween stuff out of season), I decided I would have to resort to Plan B. Three guesses, and the first two don't count. That's right, I decided to make a mummy out of cardboard.

These were my main supplies: some plastic hangers from the kids' closet, toilet paper rolls,
a plastic skull from last Halloween. I also had corrugated cardboard, cutting implements,
and hot glue on hand.

I used side-cutters to remove the bottom part of three of the hangers and glued all four
together to make the ribs. I attached some paper towel rolls to the bottom of the hanger
using the clips to make the femurs.

Toilet paper bandages. I sewed the headdress and beard piece on my sewing machine
and attached with hot glue.

I sketched out the remaining bones on a sheet of corrugated cardboard with a sharpie.
Arm bones (including shoulder blades), leg bones, pelvis, hands, and feet. As you can tell,
I worked hard to make sure these were anatomically correct. (Smirk.)

I often recommend using a serrated steak knife to cut cardboard, but because of all the curves,
Mama broke out the big guns. This is my handy-dandy Xacto knife kit the hubs got me a few years
 ago. I used the second blade from the left.

I had an audience asking questions and commentating the entire time I worked. Lord, please
grant me patience.

After all pieces were cut out, I assembled them with the hot glue, which BTW is my fave
glue for working with cardboard.

Toilet paper wrappings kinda conceal the artistry (double smirk), but there's a good chance
the archaeologists will decide to unwrap the mummy when they perform their examination.


  1. That is FANTASTIC!!! I would have been at a loss!! Great job!

    1. Thank you! It looks a little like it's been run over by a steam roller, but I guess it would be pretty dehydrated so that's ok ;)

  2. LOVE the cleverness in the clothes hanger ribs!! Wonderful thriftiness!