Friday, August 2, 2013

Picture This: A Barbie Doll Fireplace Upcycle

I picked up this little picture frame at a thrift store yesterday for $3. I immediately
 had an idea of how to use it: Barbie doll fireplace.

The molding around the top makes the perfect mantle and the little frames
that slide out make doors that open up to the fire inside.

I cut some scrapbook paper to size to line the "doors". 

A Google search for "fireplace" came up with a great image for
the interior of the fireplace.

My kid found the printer to be fascinating...

Cut to size, insert in frame... and voila!

Barbie couldn't wait to relax beside the fire! And the great thing about this
fireplace: it can be moved from room to room and dollhouse to dollhouse.

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