Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stuffed Owl - Mark I.

Buying fabric is a luxury that I can rarely afford. I'm sure you can relate - after the bills are paid, groceries are purchased, and cars are gassed up for the next week of work your wallet is coughing up cobwebs and crying for sustenance. Because of this, I tailor my projects to the materials I have on hand. I do have some cute fabric prints, in small quantities. I have tried a few quilting projects, but  have ended up with some disappointing results. Apparently you need to plan ahead, cut precisely, and have a little patience. Who knew? Anyhow, with Christmas coming up, I got the idea that I would make my kids some homemade presents from Mama. Project #1: stuffed owl.

I made my own pattern from a brown paper bag. Body, wings, belly,
eyes, beak. I stuck with simple shapes and added extra space for
seam allowance.

I dug through my stash and found some fabric options that look pretty
good together. Then I took this beautiful, out of focus photo of it.

I decided to use different prints for the front and back. I pinned the
pattern to the two pieces of cloth with right sides facing.

I used two different prints for the wings too, and folded them over
so that there are four layers of fabric pinned to my pattern piece.

Once everything was pinned, I cut out each piece.

I sewed the wings first.

I turned the wings right side out and pinned them to the inside of
the owl body pieces. This way, when I turn it right side out the wings
will be on the outside.

After sewing and leaving a hold in the bottom for the stuffing,
I stuffed the body until it couldn't hold any more and hand-stitched
the closure.

I chose a purple thread that would look okay if visible and stitched
the belly piece on, turning the edges under as I sewed.

Finished belly.


Next I stitched on the beak.

Initially I chose two brown buttons for the eyes. I wasn't satisfied
with the way this turned out. The beak looked a little wonky and the
eyes were kinda blah. I didn't know how to fix it, so I set it aside for
a couple days.

When I went back to this project the first thing I did was remove the
brown eyes and beak. I scooted the brown beak up a little so it no longer
overlapped the belly fabric. I cut some pink felt to size and sewed that
on. Bright blue buttons stand out much better than the brown ones.

I thought this turned out okay for a first try. Maybe not good enough to try to sell on eBay or Etsy, but perhaps it will make the cut for a plaything for my own kids. I plan to make a bunny for my other daughter. I'm thinking I will use silver thread instead of purple and adapt the pattern from the owl pattern. I'll let you know how it turns out!