Wednesday, December 18, 2013

G.I. Joe Doesn't Do Pink

Today I tackled a little project that has been on my To-Do List for a while: the G.I. Joe car. If you are expecting an episode of "Pimp My Ride," prepare to be disappointed. If you hate pink (like I do), prepare to be satisfied.

We found this pink Barbie car at Goodwill a year or so ago for $1. In case you haven't priced Barbie Cars lately, that's like finding a $300 beater at the local used car lot with good tires and all working parts. Jackpot. The Joes were tired of hitching rides with Barbie anyhow, so despite the awful color, this car was too good to pass up.

Well, the Joes have been saving their pennies in hopes of a new paint job. The stars must have aligned today or something because that's just what we did. Maaco I am not, and winter isn't really the season for painting cars, but I would venture to say we have improved upon the car. Check it out:

Whoa, that's bright! I find "Barbie Pink" to be an offensive color, and I know
the Joes agree with me. Heck, I think even Barbie agrees with me. So we chose
a nice tan interior color and sleek black for the outside. A Phillips screwdriver
is all we needed to take off the dashboard and windshield and expose the
undercarriage, which needed some anti-rust (read: anti-pink) paint.

See how handy I am with tools?

Voila! I call this work of art "Barbie car, deconstructed."

I painted the underside of the car with black and the top
piece with the tan interior color. I figured an all-over coat
of the tan wouldn't hurt anything - just another layer to
help banish the pink.

I discovered that I do not currently have masking tape.
Bummer, because I needed to do some masking. Instead
I used Contact paper to cover the tan interior and an
Xacto knife to cut the edges precisely around the
folded convertible top. I forgot to take a picture of the
masking job, so imagine perfection and you'll just about
have it ;)

Two-tone brown and black. I always use spray paint
outside because of fumes, and I always find bits of plant
matter and insects in my paint. It always annoys me. Also,
I put on a clear sealer which made the black paint run a bit.
It wasn't completely dry. I'm impatient when paint is drying,
and it takes twice as long in cold weather. I'm sure you
can do this better!

The paint may be a little uneven, but the color is a million times better.
Mr. Joe, in his racing coveralls, is adjusting his mirrors in preparation for
a test drive.
My recommendations for improving this project: 
  • Sand off the raised "Barbie" lettering on the side first.
  • Clean your car and let it dry.
  • Paint on a warm, dry day or in a well-ventilated, climate controlled space.
  • Wait for paint to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. 
  • Apply paint in multiple, thin coats.
I didn't do all of these things, as you can see. But Joe knows that he gets what he pays for, and I'm definitely the discount paint shop. We are still waiting for paint to dry, but are optimistic that by tomorrow nothing will be tacky (except for the other two pink Barbie cars we own - burn!). 

Can you do a better job? Please post pics of your awesome project on my FACEBOOK PAGE!