Friday, February 14, 2014

Ballerina Babes

Today I had the girls home with me. No school on Fridays, so we generally make it a "girls day". I gave my girlies some Barbie ballerina dolls for Valentine's Day. They played with their new dolls for a while, singing and dancing, brushing hair, and chattering as only children do. Soon they decided to put on a dance recital of their own, throwing in claps and circus moves along with twists, jumps, and original musical compositions. Gotta love a 4-year-old's imagination (times two).

On an unrelated note, I've been tripping over some blue tulle that has spilled out of my sewing room into the hallway for about a week now. Someone gave me a bunch of different colored bits of tulle, and I've had no idea what to do with it all. It's just been taking up space in my sewing room. This is something I probably would never have purchased myself, but I am not one to turn away free art supplies.

So... dancing, dancing, dancing... tripping over tulle... Eureka! I've seen a bunch of cute tutus on Pinterest, Etsy, and in little boutiques at the mall that were made simply by knotting tulle around elastic bands. And I happened to have some elastic in my sewing stash... so voila! We made some fun little tutus today and continued our dance recital in style!

Ta-da! Blue, orange, green, yellow, and white tutus.

We had a little extra left over, so we chained long strips to make crowns.

We also made our tutus into "dresses" by adding a loop that went around
the neck. This helped offset the weight of the tulle. Our elastic wasn't
the super stretchiest, so this helped keep it from sagging. I recommend using
ribbon or something not so itchy for the neck strap if you try this project yourself.

These dress pieces were tied to the skirt just like the other tulle pieces.

We looped some colorful scraps through the front for decoration.

These would look great with some fairy wings and glitter ;)

We had a lot of fun with our "girl day" today. This was a quick/easy project, and for the tiny amount of effort  we put in, our results were pretty good. Try it out, I'm sure you can do even better! Post your pictures to my Facebook page - I'd love to see them :)