Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mario Party!

So we had a birthday party the other day. I know, you are shocked by this news... I'm sorry to spring this on you without any warning. ;) As you know, if you've glanced over any of my previous 5 or 6 posts, the theme of the party was Princess Peach and Princess Daisy (read: Mario). My two baby girls turned 5 on Sunday, which coincidentally happened to also be Mother's Day. It seemed fitting to me to celebrate the birth of my children on Mother's Day, and it turned out to be a really great day.

I try to make birthdays special for my kids, but I also don't have a giant budget for these things, so I do a lot of the decor and such myself. I wasn't able to find a lot of appropriately themed items in our local party store, but there are all kinds of wonderful resources online. Lots of moms have pulled off the Mario theme much better than I have, but I think that we did enough to make it fun.

The Birthday Girls - Princess Daisy and Princess Peach

One thing that always makes a party more festive is having the right clothes for the theme. In this case, it meant new princess dresses for my girls. They absolutely loved their dresses, and this was pretty much the main present from Mama. (Want to make your own? I found a great tutorial online. Click HERE for more info.)

The next thing we needed were some decorations. I didn't go all out on this, but I did make a pretty festive table, if I do say so myself.

The only Mario themed item I purchased was the candle on the cake.

I found green and red items with white polka dots, which I felt referenced the 1-up mushrooms pretty nicely without being too literal. Green cups were reminiscent of the green pipes in the game. I intended to cut out some white Mario clouds and tape them on the blue table cloth, but didn't get that done. (Bad Mama.) Our question mark blocks and Yoshi's egg pinata really made an impact. After I took pictures, I remembered that I had made some star power-up balloons, and I hung them up around the table as well. And, of course, there's The Cake:

Not only did it look pretty cool, it tasted pretty good as well. 

My sister brought some Mario mushroom cupcakes. She intended to use
white chocolate candy melts for the white spots, but made these last minute
and couldn't find them, so she substituted mints. My weird kids, who don't
really like cake, love picking the mints off and eating them. 

We decided that pizza would be on the menu, after all Mario and Luigi are from Brooklyn, and I'm sure they love a good slice. I didn't take pictures of the pizza - which is probably a good thing because just looking at it would make you hungry. My husband has discovered that he rather enjoys cooking, and he made 4 varieties of pizza (from scratch): pepperoni (of course), buffalo chicken/bleu cheese, barbecue chicken, and spinach and tomato/alfredo. Delicious! There wasn't a scrap of pizza left after the party, although there was plenty of cake... Makes me think my family prefers my husband's cooking over my own... it might have something to do with my penchant for making casseroles and being "infinitely creative in the kitchen," lol. 

While we finished up in the kitchen, the kids entertained themselves with a game of Memory - matching up characters, power-ups, and items from the Mario games. 

I found a bunch of these images online and put together
a Microsoft Publisher document with 18 different cards.
I had them printed at Office Max when the Mario Cubes
were printed. 

This was a more effective way of keeping the kids entertained than I thought it would be. After everyone ate, we cracked open the pinata and the kids filled up on candy. 

The two halves of the egg made wonderful hats afterward.

Mama didn't get around to making my son the Luigi costume he wanted (Bad Mama), so
he decided that he was Luigi On Vacation. Because Luigi has other clothes, Mom, duh.
There were mustaches in each Mario cube. These were fun, although somewhat frustrating
because we had some mustache malfunctions - the paper backing would not come off
properly, so some of the kids had to tape their mustaches on.

And, of course there were presents...

Dad picked out these awesome Mario Karts for each Princess. Cousin Lucy
crocheted them the Minion hats. (Message her on FB if you wish to buy one.)

And the best thing... all was quiet in the aftermath. The girls loved every gift they received and spent several hours playing quietly with each other.

They have carried their La La Loopsy purses around everywhere since
the party.

Thanks to all who attended! We had a fun time and the girls felt special, which is as it should be. To anyone reading, feel free to take and adapt any of these ideas for your own Mario party :) And, as always, I'd love for you to share what you do on my Facebook Page.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mario Kart Cake

I went to our local party store to find Mario cake decorations and pretty much struck out. They had one Mario candle, and that was it. A store that has items for just about every possible Disney character, comic hero, occasion, etc. SHOULD have Mario stuff, or so one would think. One was mistaken, obviously.

So I bought the single Mario candle and I bought a little set of race car candles. 5 candles in all - the girls are turning 5, so we're good there. It's not perfect, but with these candles I figured we could approximate a Mario Kart cake.

I did a quick Google search for Mario Kart tracks and jumped right in. I didn't have a plan, per se, but I had a pretty good idea of what I would do. I saw a couple cakes online with figure 8 tracks, so I got a few circle shaped cake pans and got to baking.

These are all different size pans, so they didn't all come out of the oven at
the same time. The cupcakes were an afterthought - I had extra batter.
After all my cakes cooled, I removed them from the pans and took a large knife to cut the tops off, evening them out. I glued them down to a cookie sheet with icing, bottom side up.

I cut a little bit off one circle so I could wedge them together really well.
My children, who don't typically like cake, enjoyed eating all the scraps I cut off when fitting all the little cakes together. This bodes well for tomorrow's festivities.

Decorating supplies: lots of icing, brown sugar, coconut caramel drops,
food coloring, edible Easter grass, and candles.
I bought three tubs of icing because it always seems like I run just a little low and end up with thin spots on the cake. I'm happy to report that I only used 2/3 of the icing I purchased for this project.

I was going for a really saturated green color, and ended up using all the
green food coloring. It didn't occur to me until after I had started spreading
icing on the cake that I could have added blue and yellow color to make it
a little more green. Oh, well. 

I just used a regular butter knife to spread the icing on.

I made a "dirt" track out of brown sugar, rocks from the caramel coconut drops,
and some foliage from the edible Easter grass.

I can't wait to put the candles on the cake and see what the final product looks like! I'll post pics tomorrow :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yoshi Egg Piñata

In planning for the girls' upcoming Mario party, I tried to come up with some simple yet fun Mario themed activities. A piñata seemed like an obvious choice, and I chose the simplest design: a Yoshi egg. We used a balloon for the form and covered it in papier mache. If you haven't made a piñata before, it's pretty simple:

1) Make your form - we used one large balloon.
2) Cover in papier mache. We used a mixture of flour, Elmer's glue, and water to adhere newspaper strips to the balloon. 2 layers was sufficient. It took a while to dry, so you will want to do this a few days before your event.
3) Pop the balloon - we stuck a pin through the hardened papier mache.
4) Cut a hole in the side of the piñata. I cut a hole the size of my fist, but it really just needs to be big enough to fit the candy in.
5) Fill with candy. Attach a string or something to hang it with. (You may want to reinforce the area where you attach the string with cardboard so it won't pull through.)
6) Tape hole closed. I used masking tape.
7) Paint or cover in paper. I did both - we painted it white, then covered it in white and green tissue paper. I marked the circles with a non-water soluble marker (a Sharpie), cut fringed strips of tissue paper, and attached with Elmer's glue.

I cut about a 2.5 inch section of the tissue paper. I just left it folded,
like it comes in the package, and that allowed me to cut many layers
at once. Then I cut fringes.

I found the most efficient way to place the paper is to fold it in half,
put a line of glue on the piñata, and place a 1-3 inch section
of paper.
This step took for-ev-er. I worked on it in 4 different sittings. I think I made both princess dresses in less time than it took to put the paper on the piñata. It went a lot quicker after I figured out that I could fold them in half to glue them down - before I was trying to place the strip folded like a "V" standing up with the point on the glue. Didn't work so well. Gluing the pieces folded and flat, however, was easy. And after the glue dried I was able to fluff up all the fringes for an even texture.

Ta-da! Yoshi egg, filled with candy :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Princess Peach and Daisy Party Dresses

So, our Mario birthday party isn't exactly a "Mario" themed party... it is a Princess Peach and Princess Daisy party. My girls wanted to have (another) princess party, and Mama said, "Why don't we pick a specific princess?" After some discussion, the girls settled on Peach and Daisy. If you are not familiar with them, they are 2 of the princesses from the Mario video games.

Peach is the one wearing pink... and Daisy is the one in yellow.
(Image source:

It has become a tradition in our home to dress up for our birthday parties in costumes fitting with the theme. I've kept my eyes open for dresses that could be converted into Peach and Daisy dresses, but no luck. So I trolled the Internet for a tutorial, and again didn't find anything helpful right off the bat. So I widened my search terms for any kind of princess dress and hit the jackpot.

This Cinderella dress is just the perfect shape for a Daisy or
Peach dress!
 I found a Cinderalla dress tutorial on a blog called Make It & Love It. Cinderella's dress is obviously a different color, but her gown has little poofy sleeves and those side flounces that Peach and Daisy's dresses have. Plus the tutorial was great. Check it out HERE.

Because the Make It & Love It tutorial was so complete and easy to follow, I'm not going to rehash the steps we took in making these dresses. I will say that I recommend you drink your coffee first if you are going to start sewing at the crack of dawn (read: 10:30 AM) when your kids wake you up saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama! Sew my dress now, sew my dress! Mama, when are you going to wake up and sew my dress?" I narrowly escaped having to rip out a bunch of stitches... but only because I cut Daisy's dress apart and re-attached the flounces.

The girls are pretty pleased with how these turned out. They were
playing pretend even before the dresses were finished. I think that
Bowser is still locked in one of my closets...
These aren't perfect, but I've come to believe in the principle that "good enough" and "finished" is better than a perfect idea, or even a perfectly executed project that takes too much time. These are costumes for a kids' birthday party, not gowns for the Oscars. 

The finished Peach gown.

The finished Daisy gown.

I decided to paint on the colored blue and green jewels that adorn the front of the gowns instead of sewing them. Why? I suck at sewing circles. This was much easier - I made a stencil with contact paper, adhered it to the front of the gown, and added acrylic paint. When the paint was dry I peeled the stencils off. Easy peasy.

Now all I have to do is make their crowns. I'm thinking I might make them out of cardboard (who's surprised?) and hot glue them to the tops of headbands. I will post pics when (and if) complete.

Super Mario Star Power!

I was at the Dollar Tree looking for party supplies for the upcoming
Mario party and came across these. 
Which reminded me of these...
So I did this :) Balloon + Black Sharpie = Star Power!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mario Cube Gift Box

It's getting to be that time again -- birthday party time. My little girls are turning 5 this year, and to celebrate it, they have asked for a Mario party. Well, technically they asked for Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, but it's a lot easier to find Mario party supplies than Peach and Daisy. Besides, it's all the same world.

Anyhow, I saw an idea online to make little Mario bricks (and forgive me, but I don't remember where). I couldn't find a printable I was happy with, so with a couple Google Image searches I located an outline of a cube, the brick square, and the question mark deal. I put the images together in Photoscape to create my own printable.

I went to Office Max and had them print out 20 of these. That, plus
12 more pages for another project, cost about $15. 

Snip, snip, snip...

Glue, glue, glue... (although I might break down and tape, tape,
tape the rest of them)

These are going to be our gift boxes. Now, if I can only locate some gold coin candy and some Mario gummies to fill them with, we'll be okay. 

I couldn't figure out how to post the printable here, but if you are interested, I'd be glad to send it to you - just leave a comment with your email address or email me at art.from.trash AT gmail DOT com

Also - check out this other Mario party - this mom did it right: CLICK HERE

Update: the quest to find the candy coins was a bust, but we ended up finding Mario gummies, stick on Mario mustaches, Mario and Luigi rings, and plastic coins to fill them.