Friday, May 9, 2014

Princess Peach and Daisy Party Dresses

So, our Mario birthday party isn't exactly a "Mario" themed party... it is a Princess Peach and Princess Daisy party. My girls wanted to have (another) princess party, and Mama said, "Why don't we pick a specific princess?" After some discussion, the girls settled on Peach and Daisy. If you are not familiar with them, they are 2 of the princesses from the Mario video games.

Peach is the one wearing pink... and Daisy is the one in yellow.
(Image source:

It has become a tradition in our home to dress up for our birthday parties in costumes fitting with the theme. I've kept my eyes open for dresses that could be converted into Peach and Daisy dresses, but no luck. So I trolled the Internet for a tutorial, and again didn't find anything helpful right off the bat. So I widened my search terms for any kind of princess dress and hit the jackpot.

This Cinderella dress is just the perfect shape for a Daisy or
Peach dress!
 I found a Cinderalla dress tutorial on a blog called Make It & Love It. Cinderella's dress is obviously a different color, but her gown has little poofy sleeves and those side flounces that Peach and Daisy's dresses have. Plus the tutorial was great. Check it out HERE.

Because the Make It & Love It tutorial was so complete and easy to follow, I'm not going to rehash the steps we took in making these dresses. I will say that I recommend you drink your coffee first if you are going to start sewing at the crack of dawn (read: 10:30 AM) when your kids wake you up saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama! Sew my dress now, sew my dress! Mama, when are you going to wake up and sew my dress?" I narrowly escaped having to rip out a bunch of stitches... but only because I cut Daisy's dress apart and re-attached the flounces.

The girls are pretty pleased with how these turned out. They were
playing pretend even before the dresses were finished. I think that
Bowser is still locked in one of my closets...
These aren't perfect, but I've come to believe in the principle that "good enough" and "finished" is better than a perfect idea, or even a perfectly executed project that takes too much time. These are costumes for a kids' birthday party, not gowns for the Oscars. 

The finished Peach gown.

The finished Daisy gown.

I decided to paint on the colored blue and green jewels that adorn the front of the gowns instead of sewing them. Why? I suck at sewing circles. This was much easier - I made a stencil with contact paper, adhered it to the front of the gown, and added acrylic paint. When the paint was dry I peeled the stencils off. Easy peasy.

Now all I have to do is make their crowns. I'm thinking I might make them out of cardboard (who's surprised?) and hot glue them to the tops of headbands. I will post pics when (and if) complete.


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