Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yoshi Egg Piñata

In planning for the girls' upcoming Mario party, I tried to come up with some simple yet fun Mario themed activities. A piñata seemed like an obvious choice, and I chose the simplest design: a Yoshi egg. We used a balloon for the form and covered it in papier mache. If you haven't made a piñata before, it's pretty simple:

1) Make your form - we used one large balloon.
2) Cover in papier mache. We used a mixture of flour, Elmer's glue, and water to adhere newspaper strips to the balloon. 2 layers was sufficient. It took a while to dry, so you will want to do this a few days before your event.
3) Pop the balloon - we stuck a pin through the hardened papier mache.
4) Cut a hole in the side of the piñata. I cut a hole the size of my fist, but it really just needs to be big enough to fit the candy in.
5) Fill with candy. Attach a string or something to hang it with. (You may want to reinforce the area where you attach the string with cardboard so it won't pull through.)
6) Tape hole closed. I used masking tape.
7) Paint or cover in paper. I did both - we painted it white, then covered it in white and green tissue paper. I marked the circles with a non-water soluble marker (a Sharpie), cut fringed strips of tissue paper, and attached with Elmer's glue.

I cut about a 2.5 inch section of the tissue paper. I just left it folded,
like it comes in the package, and that allowed me to cut many layers
at once. Then I cut fringes.

I found the most efficient way to place the paper is to fold it in half,
put a line of glue on the piñata, and place a 1-3 inch section
of paper.
This step took for-ev-er. I worked on it in 4 different sittings. I think I made both princess dresses in less time than it took to put the paper on the piñata. It went a lot quicker after I figured out that I could fold them in half to glue them down - before I was trying to place the strip folded like a "V" standing up with the point on the glue. Didn't work so well. Gluing the pieces folded and flat, however, was easy. And after the glue dried I was able to fluff up all the fringes for an even texture.

Ta-da! Yoshi egg, filled with candy :)

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