Monday, November 10, 2014

Belated Fall Wreath

Every time I enter my house I am reminded of all the things I need to do. All I have to do is look around, and the mental chore list grows. It's not exactly that I neglect my house, but lets just say we've grown comfortable together. But every time I am able to complete one of these projects that have been nagging at me, instead of the pang of guilt I feel at seeing a job undone, I let out a mental huzzah! 

I have been huzzah-ing for a couple days now, ever since I removed my Christmas wreath from the door (hanging since last year -- possibly even the year before) and hung up my brand-spanking-new fall wreath. Did I buy this fall wreath? Of course not. I cobbled that baby together with bubble gum and dreams... Well, almost.
Does brown packing paper count as bubble gum or dreams?

Actually, I used a coat hanger, some brown packing paper, ribbon (which became totally obscured by the time I was finished), silk leaves, and scrap fabric.

You could use actual leaves, but they are more brittle and\
less colorful. Or you could make leaves out of construction

I started by shaping my wire coat hanger into a circle and wrapping it with a long strip of brown paper to give it some bulk. If you don't want to use paper, you could always cut a doughnut shape out of a pizza box and work with a real crafter's material: cardboard. But I used a wire coat hanger and brown packing paper - the next best thing to cardboard. Note: a lighter weight hanger is easier to shape than the real sturdy ones.

Ain't she purdy?

And of course, as with any project, one must use the correct adhesive. For a project like this, I prefer hot glue, even though my glue gun has definitely seen better days. A crappy glue gun is better than no glue gun... but hey, if you are looking to get me something nice for Christmas, perhaps you could splurge on the $5 glue gun? 

My hanger was even a festive red color.

Once I had the paper wrapped around the wreath to my satisfaction, I wrapped it in fall colored ribbon. This turned out to be a waste of ribbon, because I promptly covered every inch of my wreath in colorful silk leaves, but hey, I know it's there. To tie it all together (pun intended), I wrapped the leaf-covered wreath with a leaf-print fabric scrap and tied a bit around the top like a ribbon. This was after a few failed attempts to turn my fabric into a pretty bow.

The lap makes a great craft table... until one burns oneself
with hot glue.

Have I seen prettier fall wreaths? Definitely. Have I seen worse? Yeah, probably. Do I like mine anyhow? You bet! And it pops really well against the white curtain I recently stitched together for my door -- and no, I didn't blog about it. Every once in a while I do something crafty that I don't brag about online, lol.

In three and a half years, maybe I will take this down and
make an Easter wreath...

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