Monday, November 3, 2014

Let There Be Light!

When my husband and I bought our house four years ago, we were incredibly lucky that the nice, elderly couple who sold it to us gave us a great price on a house that was just the right size for our little family. Our house had many good selling points, such as the brand-new doors and windows and recent additions to the insulation. It also had floral wallpaper in almost every room dating from the early nineties and some very dated light fixtures, including the non-working ceiling fan in my kitchen.
Also floral.

We have been intending to update the light fixtures since we moved in, but thus far have succeeded in updating only one... well, make that two, now. A week or so ago I did some shopping in my attic (you never know what you will find in the attic), and came across another dated light fixture:

This is what it looked like, on its best day.

Even though I am far from there, I have been attempting to do a Mediterranean thing in my kitchen. I have a (dollar store) painting of a Tuscan villa on the wall, a faux wrought iron clock and mirror, and bright happy colors. So I thought maybe I could alter the above pictured plain Jane light to look like it was also sporting some wrought iron.


I took the metal fixtures off and spray painted them with both a chocolate brown and a black spray paint, attempting to give the look some depth. For the globe, I turned it upside down (like a bowl) and Mod Podged pieces of colored tissue paper to the inside. I layered some white paper in on top of the orange and green, but you can't really see the white when the light is turned on.

Hanging in my kitchen.

My ever-so-crafty father-in-law agreed to do the wiring for me. It only took about half an hour, and would have been quicker had my wiring not been a bit of a mess. 

During the course of this project, we discovered that the duct tape which had always been stuck to my kitchen ceiling was covering a bit of a hole. So my next project? I'm going to make a cardboard medallion to go around the base of the light, camouflaging the poor condition of my kitchen ceiling. I haven't completely figured out HOW I'm going to do it yet, so your suggestions are welcome :)

Keep crafting!

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