Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some New Acquisitions

Although I have a much larger collection of 1/12 scale dollhouse items, my first love has always been 1/6 scale - which means Barbie, GI Joe, and their compatriots. Because all of Barbie's actual furniture and home accessories all come in various shades of pink, and likewise Joe's stuff comes in various shades of camouflage, putting together a suitable house for them can depend as much on luck as ingenuity. You may recall a previous post about how I converted a neat little picture frame into a fireplace for Barbie (below).

Good thing the fire is lit, otherwise Barbie would freeze in that little dress!

I have a few new things to add to this collection - my collection - for Barbie's home (the stuff I don't let the kids play with). My sweet grandmother, knowing my unnatural love of all things miniature, saved a few pieces for me to help furnish Barbie's next home.

Barbie is really excited about this butcher block! Now if only Ken and Joe
would get back to work remodeling her kitchen so she could install it...

I have discovered that potholders can potentially make a wonderful throw rug for Barbie. This green one provided by my grandmother has an extra thick weave - great for easing back and knee pain while Barbie stands at the sink washing dishes. (Snorts... I don't recall seeing "Housewife Barbie" or "SAHM Barbie" on the shelf anytime recently...)

My other big, new acquisition (or rather small, new acquisition) is this set of lamps. These look very similar to something I saw in IKEA last week, only much MUCH smaller. I suppose that the Dollar Tree is an IKEA for Barbie, of sorts. I am always finding something useful there, and usually it doesn't fall apart the first time I use it.

My husband saw these on the shelf and knew I would love them...

Barbie really likes them too.

Maybe an unconventional use for a butcher block, but until the kitchen is
built, Barbie might as well use it as a table.

And my favorite thing about these little lights - they are LED booklights, so they ACTUALLY LIGHT UP! With no awkward cords. Amazing, right? Even after the batteries die, they will still be really cute lights. Are you as excited about this as I am?

I tried to find a link on so you could order your own awesome little desk lamps, but it's not currently listed, so I guess you'll have to just keep visiting your local Dollar Tree and be opportunistic like I was ;)

What's the coolest accessory you have found for your dollhouse? Post a pic on my FB page