Friday, September 2, 2016

Chicken Soup - For the Wee Folk

Video 4 is up on the new YouTube channel. I think we learn something new every time. Maybe (at about video number 20 or so) we will have these polished and professional-looking. We'll see.

What I learned this go-round:

-Captions! I can now add them.
-"Tiny Kitchen" name has already been taken. Need to come up with something new!
-If you speed up sequences to 4X instead of 8X, they look better, but you get squeaky audio from all the kid chatter.
-We definitely need a new camera (or to find the charger for my actual camera) so we can film the entire video without having to stop and dump footage on the computer to make room for the rest.
-We need to get our kitchen set up in a more permanent location so you don't see all my house mess in the background when the kids want to change camera angles.

What I need to know:

-Are the videos better with or without the chatter? Should I try to be entertaining??
-Is 8:00 minutes an okay length?
-Do I need a little mascot in the kitchen - like a stuffy, or a doll, or a gnome? (The kids suggested the cat, but the idea of cat hair in the food gives me the shivers.)
-Can I adjust the sound levels so music is louder/softer in comparison to ambient audio? (I will just need to google this or play around some more.)

I'm sure there's a lot more - I just need to think for a bit. No time now, though.
Until next time!