Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Technology Waits for No Man (or Woman)

I've been cleaning up the blog a bit today, removing broken photo links and defunct gadgets, and generally marvelling at how much things have changed since I started this blog. When I took on the mantle of "The Cardboard Crafter," I was a stay-at-home-mom with a five-year-old just starting school and two-year-old twin babies trying to preserve my sanity through Any Means Necessary. Now my oldest is in middle school and the little ones have been known to steal my clothes... I'm back in school full-time myself pursuing a new career, but also about to start a job at the bottom of the totem pole earning half of what I did in my last position.

Not only has my life changed significantly (I'm like 3 jobs later), but so has technology and design. Everything is white and bright with clean lines, a little green here or there, and large, beautiful photos. And here I am in my little corner with my dingy brown cardboard and my granny doilies.

I have never been on the cutting edge of things (unless you count the fact that I started gaming on a Commodore 64 computer back in the 80's playing "Little Computer People," the precursor to Sims). I feel like I'm always playing catch-up, learning new things just behind the curve. I was not the first person to start a blog, join Facebook, get a smart phone, or send a Tweet. But, I do know how to do all of those things, thank you very much. And although I don't enter the Twitterverse very often, I have been paid admin to six different FB pages, plus the two I maintain for myself.

Old people think I'm amazing, young people think I'm awkward... I think with Google and girl power, I can do anything. It just might take me a bit longer to get the job done -- the first time. After that, I'm golden. 

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