Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Google's Forgotten Stepchild

Google owns so many properties these days, it's hard to find web content that is not in some way affiliated with Google. Blogger - an oldie but a goodie - is one of those web properties. However, it sometimes feels like Google has forgotten about us.

While fewer people may be hanging out here on Blogger than they did in the olden days, that may be in part because Google has virtually abandoned us. Google hasn't made any noticeable updates to this platform in forever. And it's such a shame, really, because I like the Blogger interface so much better than Wordpress. But Wordpress has all the templates and skins and plugins or whatever. Blogger doesn't even have a real iPhone app any more.

So, most of the "Cardboard Crafter" activity happens over on our Facebook page, if anyone is interested. There have definitely been times when I wanted to write a short, micro-blog post here on Blogger - but without an iPhone app, I don't have an interface I can use while I'm on-the-go or between projects. It's rare that I have time to sit down at my computer, login to Blogger, transfer photo or video files from my phone to my PC, upload those files, and put together a new post. The old app wasn't perfect, but at least I could upload photos from my phone directly to Blogger. I can't even do that any more.

Google, I hope you're listening, because this post is definitely aimed at you. Can we get a new Blogger app and maybe a little attention from one of your junior developers to jazz up the platform a bit? No? Please??!

Not all of us have YouTube charisma, but even so, we end up there because at least on YouTube, Google remembers you exist.